Filming in Costa Rica

Quaint sunsets by the beach, crashing waves, or unimaginable biodiversity, you pick. Filming in Costa Rica allows you to choose any of these scenarios for your next video. Film-friendly, the authorities here keep bureaucracy as simple as possible for foreigners included. As a result, film permits are usually easy to obtain in a matter of days or weeks. And for all the other production aspects, put your mind at ease. So partner up with a leading production fixer in Costa Rica and leave the hassle on expert hands. We are a local team of media mavens at your service. Get in touch for a customized offer!

Top-Notch Production Assistance & Access For Filming In Costa Rica

Considered still an undeveloped country, Costa Rica is, however, very welcoming for filmmakers. Accessible locations, affordable workforce, and straightforward formalities make it a real haven. Producers from across the globe are nowadays considering this country. Filming in Costa Rica is an idea growing in popularity and for good reasons. Also, add on the list of positive features for recording here our production assistance. We provide all-encompassing support, covering a wide array of filming needs. Thanks to our wide network of partners, you can access the latest local resources with ease. From state-of-the-art gear, even in the most remote location to specialized crew, you name it. And we make it happen, no exception.

Filming in Costa Rica should be an ocean breeze for foreign filmmakers, we believe. That is why we strive to make things run smoothly on set for you. Explore all the magnificent places spread across land and water. Allow our location scout to guide you in finding the perfect backdrop for your next film. Make your drama, documentary, or action movie stand out from the crowd. And, of course, get the production assistance you truly deserve, from the very beginning. Trust Costa Rica Fixers to make your video production a real boom!

Getting Film Permits In Costa Rica

A very appealing aspect for filmmakers is the ease of obtaining film permits. When shooting abroad, the last thing you want is to have to spend consistent amounts of time filling up forms. The good news is that for filming in Costa Rica, things are pretty straightforward. And to avoid time-consuming waiting periods, allow us to help. Get in touch with us ahead of time and let’s discuss the details. Once we know the locations and scale of your production, we can get down to business. Costa Rica Fixers is a local production support supplier, at your service.

Film permit processing in Costa Rica can take a few days or a month. It mostly depends on the locations where you wish to film and how much impact the shooting may have. If you need footage for a large production that involves road closing or consistent crew, let us help. Also, if you aim to capture some stunning angles of a natural reserve, allow some time for permitting. From volcanoes to mangroves or colonial architecture, filmmakers have plenty of options. For more details on specific location procedures, we are a message away. Count on Costa Rica Fixers for extensive support!

Tax Rebate & Cash Incentives For Filming In Costa Rica

If you were ever curious to take a look at Costa Rica’s landscapes, they probably left you in awe. An awe-inspiring diversity of scenery is the key advantage of shooting here. The local infrastructure and film industry develop slowly and steadily. So more and more foreign productions put their stunning backdrops in the spotlight. If filming in Costa Rica sounds appealing to you, there are a few things you should know. When it comes to costs, the local rates may be slightly higher than in other South American countries. To ensure you get to enjoy the sweetest deals on local services, count on us. We are an the local arm of a London-based production company with a network of professionals across the world, providing full support, at convenient rates. Our experience allows us to know all about formalities and fees.

Keep in mind that for now, there is no tax rebate available for a foreign filmmaker or production company. If you do not require consistent support from the authorities, all is good. There are so many reasons to make filming in Costa Rica unmissable. Working with an experienced production fixer like us can prove that. We deliver broad-ranging support, top filming resources, and great deals. Contact Costa Rica Fixers for more details!

Filming in Costa Rica