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Treehouse jungle fitness or 90 minutes of traversing class 2 rapids? What would you like to try or showcase to your audience, as a unique activity, to be done in Costa Rica? Our journalist fixer can arrange some interviews with interesting characters for you to capture the Costa Rican spirit. Our production coordinator in Costa Rica knows all about its history, like for example the story of the Black Star, a shipping line that created economic opportunities for Black workers.

San José

Half of the population lives here, on a plateau at 1200 m elevation, ringed by lush green mountains and valleys. You should see and possibly shoot the Gold or Jade museums or the National Museum with its butterfly garden. As per our production coordinator in Costa Rica, if you like insects you should not miss the dedicated Museum at the Universidad de Costa Rica, with their elegant collection of exotic bugs. Our location scout recommends the Contemporary Art Museum or the Simón Bolivar Zoo.


If you are into religious stories, our production coordinator in Costa Rica has a great one! The legend goes that a young girl found a rock in the shape of the Virgin with Jesus in a forest. She took it home, but the second day it was back where she found it. When the local priest locked it in a coffer, it disappeared again, to be found back on the site where the Basilica home of La Virgen de los Angeles was built.

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Our journalist fixer recommends a stroll along the Paseo de los Turistas, where you can see the many colorful shops, street vendors, and bars. Enjoy the sunset from the public park at the end of the peninsula. You can also capture that Costa Rican atmosphere by walking onto the main pier at night when there is no cruise ship docked. Many locals come here to drink, fish, and hang out. It is a wonderful place to view stars and the small lights of distant cities.


The Guanacaste tropical dry forest has plants and animals adapted to the drought from December to May. This is the habitat of the Howler Monkey, the Black Iguana, the White-throated Magpie-Jay, and the Turquoise-browed Motmot. Our location scout can show you all the greatest spots where you can escape the humidity found throughout Central America. This region offers a wide variety of activities, such as world-class surfing and sport fishing along with volcano tours and horse riding.



Puerto Limon hosts a wide range of Caribbean buildings and several national heritage monuments like the first Baptist church from the 1880s and the Black Star Line Building, a symbol of Black economic success. Our production coordinator in Costa Rica can take you to white water rafting on the Reventazón River. Along the way, you may see sloths in the trees as well as the lush forest and cool water. Our location scouting discovered Costa Rica tree house lodge, a unique place to stay near Limon.

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It is believed by a great many Costa Ricans that it is the Virgin Mary that protects Costa Rica from natural disasters. Every August 1st over a million nationals and tourists walk to Cartago from all over the country to commemorate the date when Juana Pereira found her statue. Whether you want to capture this pilgrimage or the carefree atmosphere of the Puntarenas pier at night, our production coordinator in Costa Rica has you covered! Additionally, we can help you document Costa Rica’s unique tropical dry forest or its diverse species of insects. Costa Rica also has 60 dormant volcanoes and 6 of which are still considered active, with biodiversity that does not exist elsewhere in the world.

Do all of the locations above sound good, but not for your particular opportunity in Costa Rica? No worries, we have more where those came from. Contact us for additional recommendations of locations, tailored to your needs!

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